Youtube Alternative? This 32 Year Old Entrepreneur Plans On Beating Youtube At Their Own Game

Millions of people visit YouTube every day because they want to see their favorite YouTube personalities sharing fresh and exciting content on a wide range of topics. You can find anything and everything on YouTube, something to fit every taste. Over the years, the many creators that are apart of the YouTube platform have helped to make it into what it is, because if it wasn’t for their content, then nobody would ever visit the platform. The fresh content keeps viewers coming back and that is why YouTube should treat their creators accordingly. However, we have seen in recent years that they have earned a negative reputation for mistreating many creators, demonetizing their efforts, and initiating a crackdown on some channels, which feels a lot like censorship to many. This has left many wanting a YouTube alternative.

People are tired of Youtube’s control and mistreatment of creators, and that’s why there is a desperate need for a new video sharing platform that welcomes a wide variety of voices. Now, there’s an alternative, called Mevue. Founded by 32 year old, Brandon Belcher, Mevue is a new video sharing website that’s going to invite creators from all around the world to post their content and connect with their fans. The new platform is fresh and exciting, and won’t unfairly turn people away from it the way that Youtube has done in the past.

Because of the frustration that YouTube has created by silencing many voices, it has caused many people to go looking for someplace else to post their content. Individuals want the freedom to share their opinions and content without being unfairly censored. There has been great demand for a sharing platform that can offer this service and Mevue is here to meet that need for many. The YouTube alternative, Mevue, launching on New Years Day 2020, will be a free platform to join. Any and all content creators are invited to upload their content to share with the world whenever they want to get their message out or invite others into their lives.

Many people who upload videos to YouTube have come to rely on it as a means of making money on the side. For many of these people, this is their only income. Imagine working for years to grow a channel, earning thousands of subscribers, and then one day, coming to find out that several of your videos have been removed or demonetized. Most times, you are not even given an explanation as to why and that can be very frustrating as a content creator. When artists share their work, they want to know that they are not going to be unfairly and unreasonably censored. They want to share their art with the world and have the freedom to connect with their loyal fans and followers. A YouTube alternative that can welcome a wide range of voices is going to have the support of the masses, since YouTube has started to fade on this front.

YouTube might host many different videos and still pull in billions of views, but they have angered a lot of people with their actions. They have unfairly silenced many people and taken money away from hardworking artists, who are now looking to go elsewhere. Luckily for them, there is another solution — the Mevue platform, that will welcome their work with open arms and offer them a chance to post and connect with others. If you are tired of the games that YouTube plays and no longer want to be unfairly censored, then take the time to join an entirely new and better platform for free.

Mevue was created by a YouTube user, himself, who knows the shortcomings that are involved with posting on YouTube. It’s the users who have not only experienced problems with Youtube, but they also have solutions on how it can be fixed. However, it may be too late to fix the problems for some, as they have simply grown tired of what YouTube has become. For that reason, many creators are taking their videos elsewhere and encouraging their followers to go with them to other platforms to consume their content. Mevue could be that place for those who feel that way.

Content creators need freedom and a place where they are respected and allowed to share their opinions on different topics. Over the years, Youtube has lost the ability to allow folks just that. Today, Youtube is a place that penalizes its creators for controversial topics and discussions. If YouTube wants to treat many of its creators unfairly, that is fine. At the end of the day, creators are truly the backbone of the platform and when they overwhelmingly decide to take their content elsewhere, then that is going to mean the end of the platform as we very well know it. A platform like Mevue could grow into more, take over the entire space, and provide people with a place where they can feel respected and free to share their work with the world. Mevue is going to change the game by offering an alternative and it is what many people have been asking and waiting for. Creators are going to rush to sign up because so many are tired of the games that they feel YouTube is playing. Mevue, a different experience to sharing video content, is coming in just a few short weeks. It’s free to join and going to offer something new and fresh to creators all over the world.

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