Who Is Sarah Titus? The $3 Million Per Year Shopify Queen

Less than a decade ago, Sarah Titus was a single, homeless mother, with no income to support her family. Now, she earns a full seven-figure salary from home to give herself and her children the life they deserve. So how did it all happen? She put herself in a position where failure was not an option. Sarah was faced with a major dilemma, desperately needing to simultaneously financially and emotionally support her kids (i.e. needing to stay at home, while making sure her kids had their basic needs fulfilled.) Faced with an absent husband, two children, and stricken with poverty- there would seem to be no way to survive as a stay at home mother. When Sarah was amidst custody battles for her beloved children in court, a judge argued that Titus may be an unfit mother due to insufficient and untraditional forms of income. I’d like to believe in a Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother) sequence, she responded: “Challenge Accepted!” And thus, Sarah worked tirelessly for a year to prove to the divorce court that she is the rightful mother to her children, by creating a home business like no other! “Working at home” and being “hard-working “are not traditionally synonymous phrases- until Sarah. Sarah worked over eighty hours a week for years to get her online printable shop and blog off the ground. “Printables” are unique forms of digital artwork and designs that can be applied to numerous items (like calendars, posters, etc.) Sarah began selling her products on eBay, linking her shop to her personal blog. This brilliant marketing tool became a way to sell quality products while creating worthwhile relationships with customers through her personal experiences. Sarah has come from working over eighty hours a week to now a comfortable part-time position (in her own multi-million-dollar business) to spend more quality time with her children. Sarah’s gorgeous printables are now a part of a full-functioning online shopping experience. Sarah’s beautiful planners, binders, and notebooks on ‘Shopify’ are part of her personal brand as a hard-working and dedicated mother. I believe Sarah’s willingness to tell her own story provided even more incentive for costumers to invest in her blog and business. What is even more inspirational is that Sarah has used her platform to serve a greater purpose. Sarah helps other women become successful, by sharing her business model in self-taught tutorials and classes. Ultimately, Sarah became a huge success and a role model for mothers everywhere. Stories like Sarah’s need to be told to empower women that they are truly capable to handle whatever difficulties life throws their way. Her story attests; if you are true to yourself and your values, nothing is impossible! Please check out Sarah’s awesomeness at www.sarahtitus.com! Bibliography n.a., Debbie. “Featured Woman Entrepreneur: Sarah Titus – Printables.” Grit Web studio, WordPress, 7 Nov. 2018, www.gritwebstudio.com/featured-woman-entrepreneur-sarah-titus-printables/. Titus, Sarah. “How Did You Get to Where You Are Now?” Sarah Titus, Shopify, 10 Jan. 2019, www.sarahtitus.com/how-did-you-get-to-where-you-are-now/. Follow Sarah on Pinterest @ https://www.pinterest.com/godlyliving/

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