How To Make A Full-Time Living With Facebook Groups

Have you ever thought about making a Full-Time income on Facebook but never really knew how to? What about knowing that it’s possible, but never knew what direction you should take? Well, today is your LUCKY day because, in this post, you’re going to learn how to build an insanely profitable business using Facebook Groups & Automation.

There are so many different ways to make money with Facebook groups, so what I’m going to do is just choose my number way that’s made me thousands of dollars over and over from multiple niches.

You will only need five things to make this possible: A niche, an offer, a lead capture page, attractive promo images, and the most powerful Facebook group poster online.

Understand that if you take this method seriously, you could honestly be ready to quit your job in 6 – 8 months from now because of how much potential this method has.

Let’s get started! When it comes to Facebook groups, there are so many different niches to choose from, so what you’ll have to do is just choose one. Choose a niche that you love to talk about or something that you’ll love promoting. Once you choose your niche, follow these steps:

  1. Choose An Offer To Promote
  2. Create A Lead Capture Page For Your Offer
  3. Create Attractive Images For Your Offer
  4. Use Automation To SEAL THE DEAL

Choose Your Offer

Once you’re ready to choose an offer, this can be something digital OR physical. Either one will work, but you must choose one. This can be an affiliate product OR a product that you’ve created on your own. A good place to become an affiliate to make huge commissions is Builderall. Check out more about them here.

Creating Your Capture Page

There are so many different platforms that you can use for creating a lead capture page. Choose one and run with it! This step is very important and will be the livelihood of this method, but you don’t have to spend all day long thinking of a company to roll with. All of them will work, so just choose!

Create Attractive Images

If you want to gain eyeballs, you need to be attractive on social media! There’s no better place than when it comes to creating those promo images that are going to stand out. This is also known as AD COPY, so what you’ll want to do is both tell about what you have to offer + add some kind of CALL TO ACTION text. Checkout my example below!

Use Automation

First off, I want to say that NONE of this will work without using my very own Facebook Group Poster. Over the past 11 years in my online marketing career, I’ve used a TON of Facebook marketing tools but this has become one of my favorites and it’s also the most POWERFUL. This Facebook Group Poster will allow you to:

  1. Post In ALL Facebook Groups That You’re Apart of
  2. Post To ALL of Your Facebook Fan Pages That You Own
  3. Post To ALL Fan Pages That You’ve Liked
  4. Post To Your Facebook Profile

By using a tool so powerful, you will be able to generate hundreds or even THOUSANDS of website visitors with just a single click. The #1 reason why 97% of people FAIL online is that they don’t know how to generate website traffic, but not anymore because this group poster SOLVES that problem quick!

If you’re ready to start CRUSHING it with Facebook groups today, click the button below to access my POWERFUL group poster for just a $20 ONE TIME FEE. The price will increase to $99 very soon, so HURRY and grab it now!

Super excited that I was able to introduce you to a method that you can start TODAY and see results as soon as TODAY if you take it seriously. Until next time, I hope you CRUSH it with Facebook Group marketing!

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